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Everybody needs a little devastation

4 May
I like to make friends and I'm not the least bit ashamed of any of the ones I have.

I keep my friends closer than my "enemies" but, trust me, the enemies are the next closest.

I play favorites

I'm sort of dramatic and I sometimes ANNUNCIATE when I talk. haha

I'm really good at playing with hair. Not styling it, but playing with it.

I like to feel people breathe. and heartbeats

Sometimes I cuss. Think it's unattractive?...Well Fuck you.

It annoys the hell out of me when people spell "you're" like "your" but pretty much everybody does it so I'll get used to it.

I like to feel alive. Like really alive

I like to run sometimes.

There's some stuff that I can't handle. I've been introduced to some of it. I don't really care to find out what else.

I'm sorta kinda trying to learn some Spanish. I have fun with it.

I'm pretty ballsy but usually being ballsy goes hand in hand with conceitedness and overconfidence and I have neither of those characteristics.

I am not my daddys little girl and Im not best friends with my mom but my parents are okay. They mean well.

I hate seeing people I care about hurting and I would trade places with them to help if I could. Thats not to make me come off as a saint or anything because Im not. Not even close.

I feel comfortable when I blend in but I also feel kind of boring.

I come off as really social and outgoing when you first meet me. Either that or really uncomfortable and out of place.

I dont appreciate the little things in life but I recognize them.

I like taking long drives in the car when I have music to listen to.

In a lot of ways Im mature for my age but in some Im still a little kid.

Please dont lie to me. Whether its straight out or subtle.

I push people away sometimes because Im scared.

I used to hide from my bad qualities and denied them till Id turn blue in the face. Ive learned to accept and admit them.

I do a lot of stupid things but Im learning.

I like to have serious conversations but not all of the time.

I do things to the extent sometimes and that can get me in trouble.

I wish I could be more artistic.

I cant decide whether I love the rain or hate it.

I want to have the same out look on life that I had when I was really young. I stole that idea but its relevant to me too.

I find it almost impossible to trust anyone of the opposite sex entirely.

I like having dreams

I hate longing for people and feelings.

Ive been fucked over by people close to me quite a few times. Its [helped?] me though I think.

I like lyrics a lot.

You know when someone impacts your life so much that you just cant imagine living without them? Well, Im still living. Maybe Im not doing an amazing job with it, but at least Im doing it.

My family drives me crazy but they genuinely care about me so thats a plus.

I can be selfish but generally I am the opposite. Sometimes I let people walk all over me.

Laura is my best friend and although sometimes she doesnt understand exactly whats going on in my head or what makes me do some of the things I do, she holds me together and I love her. Michelle is also amazing and were becoming close again.

I try not to judge people and situations because most things are different then the surface meaning.

I can say that I recognize love. I cant really say were on good terms though.

I like to have fun and laugh.

Music is up the in the top 10 greatest things.

My iPod is definitely up there also. Its my baby. I only trust Bryant with it.